Appreciate Sustainable Salmon?

Whether you’re a Michelin rated chef, passionate home cook or simply love food, you too can help build a more sustainable salmon farming industry in Tasmania.

When eating at restaurants ask the staff where they source their salmon from. Do they know where in Tasmania the salmon is farmed? Enquire about if the restaurant has been told what the salmon you’re about to eat is fed (we are what we eat after all), and if the salmon company is moving to more sustainable practices by moving pens out of fragile marine eco-systems such as Okehampton Bay or Macquarie Harbour, where marine dead-zones have been caused by salmon farming.

Why stop there? Learn the full pen to plate story by putting your questions direct to Tasmanian salmon growers yourself using the template below. Put in a personal note to reflect your specific concerns or simply send as it is to show them you support Sustainable Chefs and care about where our salmon comes from.

Connect with us on instagram to stay in touch with the campaign. If you'd like more information about the Sustainable Salmon initiative, or have some feedback from salmon farmers, get in touch via email to [email protected]


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      You are forgetting a Tasmanian Salmon farmer. 41 Degrees South Tasmania. We are happy to share our story with everyone!