The Charter

We are committed to sourcing the best local foods for our restaurant.

Part of our guarantee to customers involves knowing where the food we plate up comes from, and insisting our suppliers match our commitment to creating the best dining experience.

We will always prefer Tasmanian farmed salmon that does not pose a risk to consumer health, the natural environment and most importantly is healthy and delicious. As part of this commitment we will support salmon producers who actively minimise their impact on the marine environment.

In signing up to being Sustainable Salmon Chefs' we are asking for the full pen to plate story of Tasmanian salmon, particularly:

    • Where in Tasmania our salmon is grown, specifically what parts of Tasmania’s coastline.
    • What the salmon have been fed, and what is in the feed.
    • What plans are in place to move pens out of environmentally sensitive areas, to offshore and onland farming, creating a more sustainable salmon industry.

As leaders in the food industry, we want to support local farmers. By supporting Tasmanian salmon producers that match our commitment to quality, we are playing our part in creating a more sustainable salmon industry in Tasmania.